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Executive Chef & Owner John Varanese

John Varanese obtained his BA in Food Service Management and AS in Culinary arts from Johnson and Wales University in South Carolina. During his enrollment there, Varanese was Kitchen Manager for Magnolias, a landmark in Southern cuisine, for three years. Varanese refined his skills and participated in a creative and financially successful environment. Varanese set himself apart from other chefs quickly after displaying his accomplished understanding of business finance. While working in Magnolias, Varanese revealed his great ability to control costs while producing very high quality cuisine using only the freshest local ingredients.

The greatest challenge in Varanese’s restaurant experience came in 1998 when Azalea, in Louisville, Kentucky, offered him the position of Executive Chef. At Azalea, Varanese developed his management style, personality and culinary flair. After 3 years at Azalea, Varanese’s culinary and business skills peaked--he was ready to begin plans for his own restaurant. Varanese has spent the past 4 years as the Executive Chef at the Cardinal Club while planning his own restaurant. He resigned at the Cardinal Club to focus on opening Varanese in August 2007.

Varanese settled in Louisville because of its successful independent dining scene, and he believes that the people of Louisville will appreciate fresh ingredients, prepared with a creative flair and a culturally diverse menu. Varanese’s eclectic menu boasts an array of options from stuffed grape leaves, and fried green tomato salad, to new signature entrées: the seared boneless pork chop, and caramelized orange salmon. Finish with a fried banana accompanied by a house-made oatmeal cookie dough ice cream dessert. This New American Cuisine restaurant will comfortably seat 150 guests between its bar, dining room and four seasons patio. The four seasons patio of Varanese is an addition to the building, which has a dramatic 20-foot slate water wall. The space is enclosed by a serpentine of glass doors, which retract to offer an outdoor dining experience. Varanese is located at 2106 Frankfort Ave in the Historic Clifton neighborhood.

Varanese is known for his culinary creativity as well as his dedication to local farmers who provide the freshest local products as showcased in many of his signatuure dishes. He is star and co-producer of his own television show, "Big World of Food" which educates viewers on the importance of local farms' to the food on their tables. More at

He has won numerous awards and has represented the State of Kentucky's Dept of Aquaculture three years in a row at the Great American Seafood Cook-Off in New Orleans. He was one of only 16 chefs in the State of Kentucky to be invited to prepare a special dinner with James Beard chefs from around the U.S. at the World Equestrian Games in October of 2010. He serves on the Kentucky Restaurant Association's Board of Directors.

Executive Chef & Owner John Varanese

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