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Prosciutto Wrapped Halibut with Roasted Fresh Asparagus in an Asparagus Vinaigrette Red Wine Reduction & Point Reyes Blue Cheese

Serves 1

Ingredients for Red Wine Reduction

1 Spanish Onion, chopped
1 Carrot, chopped
1 stalk Celery, chopped
1 Granny Smith Apple, chopped
1 bottle Burgundy
2 cups Port
1 cup Chicken Stock
2 tbsp Olive Oil

Ingredients for Asparagus Vinaigrette

1½ cups Blanched Asparagus
1 tsp Brown Sugar
1 tbsp Sherry Vinegar
1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
juice of 1 Lemon

Ingredients for Prosciutto Wrapped Halibut

2 oz Red Wine Reduction
2 oz Asparagus Vinaigrette
5 stalks Asparagus
2 oz Point Reyes Blue Cheese, crumbled
8 oz Halibut
1 slice Prosciutto Ham

Method for Red Wine Reduction

• Caramelize onions, carrots, celery and apple in olive oil.
• Add Burgundy and Port and simmer for 2 hours.
• Add chicken stock and simmer for one more hour.v • Strain and keep hot.

Method for Asparagus Vinaigrette

• Place all ingredients except oil in food processor and purée until smooth. Slowly add oil and strain.

To Assemble

• Wrap Halibut in prosciutto, sear in olive oil and place in 400 degree oven for 6 minutes.
• Lightly oil asparagus, season with salt and pepper and place in oven on rack, roast for 4 minutes at 400°.
• Ladle red wine reduction in bowl and arrange asparagus around the edge of bowl.
• Place halibut in center and spoon vinaigrette over fish and sprinkle with cheese.

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