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Chef & Owner Robert Khankiew

Chef Robert KhanKiew spent many of his childhood years in Pitsanuklok, a province located in North Central Thailand. As a young boy, Robert would eagerly rush home from school to help his mother in the kitchen preparing the families dinner, rather than playing with his peers. It was then that Robert knew that cooking was his life passion.

As a young adult, Robert often found himself in his home kitchen cooking meals for friends and family. Experimenting with a variety of traditional flavors, colors and smells, Robert was mastering the art of cooking the most exotic food in the culinary world.

In 1993, Robert took a path that only seemed natural, and opened the first ‘Thai Chilli’ restaurant in Atlanta. It wasn’t long before ‘Thai Chili’ had climbed to be one of the top restaurants, featuring on CNN, Food Channels and winning numerous awards that voted ‘Thai Chili’ as the best Thai restaurant both regionally and nationally.Today, you will find Robert in his beloved ‘Thai Chili’ kitchen, orchestrating his signature meals, and using his refined knowledge of the culinary world to producing new and delicious dishes for ‘Thai Chili’.

Chef & Owner Robert Khankiew

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