Charleston Soups Recipe List

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Charleston Crab Soup

4.5 Gallons


2 lbs Butter
4 Large Yellow Onions
1 head Celery
1 T Salt
1 T White Pepper
4 Bay Leaves
4 c Flour
2 gallons Blonde Crab Stock
1 gallon Milk or Half-and-Half
2 quarts Cream
5 lb Cleaned Crab Claw Meat
1 t Ground Mace
Sherry or Madeira
To garnish Chives or parsley


  • Cook butter, onions, bay leaves, celery and salt together until soft.
  • Add flour, making a roux with the butter and vegetables.
  • Add 2 gallon blond shrimp, crab, fish or chicken stock, or 1/2lb crab base mixed with 2 gallons of water.
  • Add milk or half and half, and cream
  • Check seasoning- if you use base, you probably don’t need salt.
  • Add the ground mace.
  • You may want to add slightly more mace, but this spice will grow, and too much will be unpleasant.
  • Add the cleaned claw meat.
  • Garnish to order with sherry or Madeira, parsley or chives.

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