Charleston Seafood Recipe List

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Roast Grouper Sauteed Mushrooms, Garlic Sage Broth

4 Servings


4 each 7 oz. Filet of Black Grouper
1 qt Fish Fume
2 T Shallots Chopped
2 T Leeks Chopped
8 oz Mushroom Stems
2 Bunches Sage
2 Bunches Flat Leaf Parsley
8 oz White Wine
2 Heads Garlic, Roasted
4 oz Butter


  • Sweat shallots, leeks and mushroom stems in a little butter, add roasted garlic, sage and parsley.
  • Sweat further, add white wine.
  • Reduce by 1/2. Strain, place in blender.
  • Add about 4 oz. of butter. Salt and pepper to taste.
  • Blend and strain.
  • Finish with chopped sage and parsley, place mushroom saute (oyster shiitake and button mushrooms) in center of bowl.
  • Place fish on top. Surround with broth.

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