Charleston Appetizers Recipe List

Pearlz (Downtown)

153 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Pearlz Rockefellar

24 Oysters


Ingredients for Pearlz Rockefellar
1/4 lb Bacon, sliced
1/8 cup Shallots, minced
2 tbsp Garlic, minced
1/8 cup Celery, diced
1/8 cup Onion, diced
1/8 cup White Wine
6 oz Oyster Liquor
6 oz Heavy Cream
6 oz Half & Half
1/8 cup Basil, lightly packed
1/4 lb Baby Spinach, half chopped
3 oz Crab Claw Meat
3 oz Crawfish Tails
2 tbsp Blackening Seasoning
1 tbsp Old Bay
1 tbsp Ground Pepper
3 oz Parmesan Cheese
4 oz Roux

Ingredients for Roux
3 oz Butter
3 oz Flour

Method for Roux

• To make the roux, mix in equal parts of 3 oz butter to 3 oz flour.

Method for Pearlz Rockefellar

• First render the bacon down and discard 1/2 the bacon fat, or save it and use it for something else.
• Then add your vegetables and sweat with the bacon until translucent.
• Next, add your liquid ingredients and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer.
• Add your seasoning, crab and crawfish meat.
• Add your basil and spinach and let that wilt down but not turn brown.
• Last, add your roux and parmesan and let thicken. Then take off the heat.

Method for The Rocks

• To make the topping for the rocks, use half a pound of parmesan and 1 1/2 cup, of bread crumbs.

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