23651 IH-10 West, San Antonio, TX 78257

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Chefs/Owners Frank & Lori Hakspiel

Frank & Lori Hakspiel derived the name of their neighborhood restaurant - Fralo’s Art of Pizza - from the letters in their first names. Sorry – it means absolutely nothing in Italian and is pronounced \’fra’-lo\.

Frank was a world-traveled mechanic for Lockheed Martin. Due to Sept 11th, he was laid off from that position and several others in the same field. Lori was a recent UTSA graduate from a Master’s degree in Finance when they met. As their engagement followed they began to consider their employment options.

A close friend, Bobby Greenberg, insisted Frank resurrect his pizza shop from years past that was closed abruptly when Frank broke his neck in an extreme accident in 1998.

Frank was eager to establish employment so the couple began construction on the Fralo’s location in January of 2004. A very soft opening on May 28, 2004 marked the beginning of an adventure.

They were named Best New Restaurant in 2005; NSISD partner of the year and City’s Best Pizza 2006. The two of them have been completely blessed by the acceptance and support of their faithful customers. There is not a day they do not feel that they are still trying to catch up with the incredible demand.

“Who would have thunk it ?”

Fralo’s is the product of two dedicated entrepreneurs; an incredibly devoted staff; supportive family and friends. With out each it would not have withstood the growing pains.

Chefs/Owners Frank & Lori Hakspiel

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