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Beef Carpaccio with Tamari & Ginger Vinaigrette

Beef Carpaccio with Tamari & Ginger Vinaigrette

Ingredients for Beef Carpaccio

• 1 Whole Beef Tenderloin
• 1 cup black pepper (ground)
• Canola Oil

Preparing Beef Carpaccio

• Trim all fat and silver skin off filet until just the center cut is available. Save scraps for later use.
• Break filet down into 4 pieces cutting once down the center vertically and one down the center horizontally
• Heat a skillet and add canola oil
• Cover each piece in black pepper and then roll in hot oil. Allow to cool on a wire rack, or in the fridge.
• Slice each piece into 1/8th inch slices.
• Using a mallet, flatten pieces until they are 2cm thick. Arrange on deli sheets and wrap in plastic. Can freeze for up to 48 hours

Ingredients for Tamari & Ginger Vinaigrette

• 1/2 cup Ginger (grated)
• 1 cup Shallot (small dice)
• 1/4 cup Garlic (grated)
• 2 Cups Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• 1 cup Tamari Soy sauce

Preparing Tamari & Ginger Vinaigrette

• Caramelize shallots in a cast iron skillet. Turn off heat, add ginger and garlic, and allow to cool.
• Add Tamari and Olive Oil. Store in an air tight container.

Method for Beef Carpaccio with Tamari & Ginger Vinaigrette

• To make Carpaccio, take one portion of the sliced meat and spread 1 tablespoon of vinaigrette on top.
• Toss 1oz of Arugula with vinaigrette, pickled carrots, and pickled daikon and place on top of beef. Shave Piave over salad mix and serve.

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