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4 F Street, Washington, DC 20001

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Publican Daniel J. Coleman

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Dubliner if you love Ireland you'll love the Dubliner.

America's premier Irish pub. The Dubliner was established in 1974 in the best of a long barkeeping tradition. My father, an Irish immigrant, opened Coleman's Saloon in 1933 atop Tipperary Hill in Syracuse, New York. Our pride in our Celtic heritage even extended to the neighborhood traffic light the only light of its kind to have the green light on top of the red. My brother Peter continues the tradition at the same location to this date.

In keeping with that pride and tradition, we have recreated an authentic Dublin City Pub here on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The Dubliner could as easily occupy a corner of O'Connell Street as Massachusetts Avenue. Many of our friendly staff are fresh from Ireland and as colorful as any character in James Joyce's Dubliner, for which our pub is proudly named.

Our authenticity extends to the wonderful beers we serve we are Americas' largest purveyor of Guinness Stout and the only purveyor of Auld Dubliner Amber Ale and Dubliner Irish Lager. These wonderful brews are made exclusively for the Dubliner with hops we import from Bennetsbridge, County Killkenny, Ireland. We recently added the legendary Smithwick's Ale to our offerings when it became available in America.

Our famous libations are accompanied by hearty Hibernian fare - from our world famous Fish'n'Chips to our Irish Beef Stew. Everyday our Executive Chef Hugo Malone transforms fresh seafood, vegetables and select meats into wonderful daily specials.

When the sun goes down, The Dubliner lights up, as Irish entertainers perform each night. From soulful ballads and airs to rousing jigs and reels we offer the very best in Irish entertainment seven nights a week.

Over the years, we have expanded to create America's Center of Irish Hospitality with the elegant Phoenix Park Hotel. Today we are a Capitol Hill institution, welcoming guests who recognize that, in the words of the great Irish statesman, Daniel O'Connell, "The hospitality of an Irishman . . . springs, like all of his qualities, his faults, his virtues, directly from the heart."

To all our guest Cead Mile Failte A Hundred Thousand Welcomes. Enjoy your pint, your meal and the music.

Best wishes,

Daniel J. Coleman

Publican Daniel J. Coleman

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Dubliner Irish Restaurant and PubDubliner Irish Restaurant and PubDubliner Irish Restaurant and Pub

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