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Spring Salad with Burnt Honey & Miso Vinaigrette

Serves 4

Ingredients for Vinaigrette

4 oz Pure Honey
2 oz Rice Wine Vinegar
2 oz Grape Seed Oil
1 oz White Miso

Ingredients for Spring Salad

8 oz Lettuce Mix
1 oz Purple Carrots
1 oz Yellow Carrots
1 oz Orange Carrots
½ oz English Peas
½ oz Sugar Snap Peas
¼ oz Breakfast Radishes
1 oz Soft Herbs (Parsley, Dill, Tarragon, Chervil, Chives)
¼ oz Nasturtium Flowers

Method for Vinaigrette

• For the vinaigrette, cook the honey over medium high heat until it starts to foam and bubble, about 4-5 minutes, then pull off the heat.
• In a blender add the vinegar and oil, and then the honey and when it’s emulsified add the miso to season.

Method for Spring Salad

• For all the vegetables except the radishes, peel and clean then blanch in salted water until tender.
• Slice the radishes paper thin.
• For the herbs pick off the stems and chop roughly and also pick the petals off the flowers.

To Serve

• In two separate bowls: put lettuce and chopped herbs in one bowl and the vegetables into another with 1oz of vinaigrette in each.
• To plate, place a small amount of vinaigrette on the plate then the lettuce and then place the vegetables on the lettuce scattered over.

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