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Mom's Bread Pudding

Serves 15

Ingredients for Bread Pudding

4 lb coarsely chopped bread, approx. 2"x 2" x 1" pieces
1 tsp ground Cloves
1 tsp ground Nutmeg
1 tbsp freshly ground Cinnamon
1 lb Brown Sugar (2 1/4 cups, tightly packed)
1/4 lb Butter (melted)
1 qrt Pasteurized Eggs
1 qrt Heavy Whipping Cream
1/8 cup Bourbon Vanilla Extract
1/2 cup Jack Daniel's Bourbon (use only Jack Daniels)
15-16 oz Raisins (depending on pack size 15-16 oz)

Method for Bread Pudding

  • Sanitize all equipment and utensils prior to use. Pre-heat oven at 325°. Cut bread into squares. Place in large container and allow to “dry” during the remaining processing.
  • In a large container, combine brown sugar, ground cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. With a soft spatula, mix well until large lumps and dry seasonings are blended.
  • Add pasteurized eggs, melted butter, half & half, heavy whip cream, bourbon vanilla and Jack Daniel’s. Using a wire whip, mix well until all brown sugar, etc…are blended.
  • Add cubed bread to wet mixture. Using a soft spatula, gently mix bread cubes into the mixture. Half way through this process, add the raisins.
  • Spray 4 inch deep full size hotel pan with spray release. Pour bread mixture into coated pan. Use a soft spatula to remove all ingredients from the container. Do NOT pat to level mixture. “Rock” pan back and forth to even mixture in the pan. The surface should remain “jagged”.
  • Place immediately into the pre-heated 325° oven. Set a timer for 40 minutes. Reset for an additional 5 minutes if needed. Pudding is ready when a toothpick can be stuck in and pulled out of the middle of the pudding clean and moist.

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