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Chef Tibor Dombi

Each day, Tibor Dombi barbecues more than 1,400 pounds of meat at his job. Yet, he still finds time to grill on his days off - and he enjoys it.

"I love it," says the tall head cook and manager for The County Line on Interstate 10 near Huebner Road.

"I've always loved to barbecue. It makes people happy when they eat my food."

Tuesday through Saturday, Dombi is the person who fires up the pit in the morning at the restaurant, where he's responsible for preparing and cooking all the meat.

In the 10 years he's been working for the company, Dombi has worked his way up the ladder, from busboy to dishwasher to line cook and now head cook.

"In every position he's worked, Tibor has outperformed everybody." said Randy Goss, part owner of The County Line. "He's never been late for a shift. He never gets sick. In fact, I think the flu is afraid of him.

"A lot of people think the barbecue guy is a ho-hum position. But, for us, it's our heart and soul. We live and die by Tibor."

Eventually, Dombi said, he'd like to go back to school to become a physical therapist.

Chef Tibor Dombi

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