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Conner’s Kitchen + Bar

A higher class of casual. We may be approachable, but we’re anything but average. Here at Conner’s Kitchen + Bar in Indianapolis, we’re bringing elevated comfort food, craft beers and cocktails to a hangout-worthy spot and downtown Indy’s best weekend brunch destination.


Late Harvest Kitchen (River Crossing)

Late Harvest Kitchen combines the best elements of fine dining with the accessibility of a neighborhood restaurant. The menu features professionally crafted seasonal American cuisine. An emphasis is placed on genuine hospitality and professional service that anticipates our guest’s needs. The restaurant’s design includes re-claimed wood and brick throughout to evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort. The dining room looks outward towards our spacious courtyard which features the most romantic outdoor dining space in Indianapolis. It is located in the Keystone at the Crossing area in The Shops at River Crossing. The overall context of Late Harvest Kitchen is that of quality and substance.


Mimi Blue Meatballs (Downtown)

Mimi Blue is a purveyor of Good Food. Each recipe is rooted in culinary tradition, but refined for the modern palette. You may choose from our selection of Meatballs, Brisket, and Chicken as well as our Vegan and Gluten Free options. By mixing your choice of sides and sauces you can invent your own dish every time you visit. Our food is made fresh daily with LOVE!


Slippery Noodle Inn

The Slippery Noodle Inn is a historic landmark nestled in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Established in 1850, it holds the prestigious title of Indiana's oldest continuously operating bar. This iconic establishment has remained a beloved local gathering place for over 170 years, captivating patrons with its rich history, vibrant atmosphere, and live blues music. One of the main highlights of The Slippery Noodle Inn is its commitment to live blues music. The venue hosts talented local and national musicians who grace the stage, filling the air with soulful melodies and electrifying performances. The sounds of blues, rock, and jazz reverberate through the walls, captivating audiences and creating an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts.

Beyond its musical allure, The Slippery Noodle Inn also offers a delightful culinary experience. The menu features a range of comfort food favorites, including mouthwatering barbeque, hearty burgers, and flavorful appetizers. The bar serves an impressive selection of craft beers, signature cocktails, and an extensive whiskey collection, ensuring there's something to please every palate. Throughout its illustrious history, The Slippery Noodle Inn has attracted a diverse clientele, from locals seeking a night out to tourists in search of an authentic Indianapolis experience. Its enduring charm, warm hospitality, and commitment to preserving the city's musical heritage have solidified its reputation as an iconic destination within the Indianapolis nightlife scene.


The Eagle

At the Eagle, house-brined and dredged Fried Chicken and Southern Sides are the stars of the show. With "Best Of" accolades around the country, our chicken brings people together. We source free range, all natural birds, and couple it with classic southern side dishes, sandwiches, and carefully curated cocktails, along with a select list of local craft beers and other American favorites. This is approachable, comfort food done right.