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Lido di Manhattan

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Lido Vodka Pasta

1 Serving


1 oz proschuitto ham
pinch crushed red pepper
2 oz vodka
4 oz marinara sauce
1 oz cream
1 t fresh minced garlic
1 t butter
1 t extra virgin olive oil
1 oz basil
1 oz shallots


Sauté the proschuitto ham, garlic, butter, olive oil, basil, shallots and crushed pepper.
Sauté for about 4-5 minutes until brown, then add 2 ounces of vodka and flambé the ingredients for about three minutes until the vodka has burnt off.
Then add 4 ounces of marinara sauce and one ounce of cream, cook for another 4-5 minutes then toss with cooked penne pasta.
Finish the dish with some fresh grated Parmesan cheese and parsley

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