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Chef Soerke Peters

What does a German-born, French trained chef know about Italian cooking? Obviously a great deal considering his success in New York and Los Angeles. Italian food is an every day celebration and a way of life. And nobody knows that better than Chef Soerke Peters.

Chef Peters’ interest in cooking started when he was five years old cooking side by side with his grandmother. He started to love food and working with it at an early age. He remembers, “I always wanted to become a chef.”

Chef peters started an apprenticeship at the age of sixteen and worked in numerous hotels and restaurants in Europe including one- and three-star Michelin rated restaurants.

He came to New York in 1991 and immediately started working at Pino Luongo’s Coco Pazzo. Here he learned the simplicity and flavor of Tuscan food. Chef Peters worked at most of Mr. Luongo’s restaurants in New York and was the Corporate Chef overseeing all of Mr. Loungo’s restaurants nationwide. He starred at many Food Network shows. For the past four years Chef Peters is the Executive Chef at Ca’del Sole in North Hollywood.

Chef Peters say’s “What I love the most about Italian cooking is the simplicity and the careful approach of each ingredient keeping the flavor and personality of each individual product intact. There is no cuisine more spontaneous than Italian cuisine.” He uses only the freshest ingredients available, and there is no fresher product than the domestic variety found in America. And if you look carefully, you will find hints of his grandmother’s influence in each of his seasonal menus when he features pork chops or pickled pumpkin.

When Chef Peters, his wife Amy and daughter Maky cook at home, it closely resembles the kitchens at the United Nations than our regular home kitchen. If he is not cooking French, German, or Italian food, he is teaching his daughter the fine art of classic German desserts. And his wife is also an excellent cook. She cooks classic food from her native home of Korea and Japan. It’s a small world after all.

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