Red Curry Paste


Serves 6

Ingredients for Red Curry Paste

¼ cup Sambal
5 onions, chopped
3 tbs Black peppercorns, ground
3 tbs ground cumin
5 tbs. ground coriander
1 lb chopped fresh coriander plant, including root
1 tsp salt
3 stalks chopped lemon grass
5 tbs chopped Garlic
3 tbs Dried shrimp paste (kapi)
2 tbs oil
3 tbs Turmeric
3 tbs Paprika

Method for Red Curry Paste

• Remove stems from chilies, but keep the seeds in if you want the paste to be as hot as it is in Thailand.
• Break the chilies into pieces and put into blender or food processor together will remaining ingredients.
• Blend to a smooth paste stopping frequently to scrape down sides of bowl.
• It may be necessary to add a tablespoon of water or extra oil.

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