Tuna Tataki


Serves 6

Ingredients for Tuna Tataki

1/2 cup Ginger, minced
1/4 cup Sesame Seeds
1 tbsp Black pepper, crackled
1 tbsp Togarashi
4 oz Fresh Susho-Grade Big Eye Tuna
1 tbsp Lime Juice
1 Butane Torch (450 degree blue flame)
1 medium-size Avocado,
peeled, pitted, quartered and sliced
2 cups Mixed Micro Greens
1 cup Daikon Radish, shredded

Method for Tuna Tataki

• On a shallow plate, mix together the ginger, sesame seeds, and blacked pepper cracked black pepper. Season the tuna with the togarashi.
• Roll the tuna in the ginger mixture, pressing lightly so the mixture sticks to the tuna.
• Place the tuna on a flame resistant surface and torch sear each side for about 30 seconds. Lightly sprinkle the lime juice over the tuna.

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