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Yields: 6 servings


5 oz Roquefort cheese, room temperature
5 oz cream cheese, room temperature
4 eggs
1 C bread crumbs
3 peeled potatoes
1 lb mixed salad
2 T shallots, diced
1 t red wine vinegar
1 T salad oil
to taste salt & pepper
2 qts peanut oi


  • Mix together the Roquefort, cream cheese, eggs, and bread crumbs.
  • Make 12 small balls.
  • Using a Japanese mandolin, make potato lace. Wrap the lace around the cheese balls and deep fry until golden brown. Set aside.
  • Mix together the salad, salt, shallots, vinegar, and olive oil.
  • Place the salad in 6 different plates and place 2 cheese balls on each.

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