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Grilled Salmon

Serves 1 - Double Ingredients to Serve 2

Ingredients for Grilled Salmon

7 oz Salmon, Grilled
1 cup Cous cous (Follow package directions)
5 spears Asparagus, grilled, cut in 3rds on hard bias
1 tbsp Citrus compound butter
1 Lemon half
Thyme sprig, garnish
1 pinch Kosher salt /Cracked black pepper

Method for Grilled Salmon

• Season with salt and pepper Assure proper gill marks. • • Cook to 165°.
• Heat cous cous to proper temp.
• Grill asparagus , salt and pepper cut into 3rds.
• Grill 1/2 lemon nice carmelization and grill marks.
• Place cous cous in bottom of bowl in a high mound.
• Place grilled cut aspargus on top of cous cous.
• Place compound butter on salmon and melt in salamander.
• Place salmon on mound of cous cous.
• Place fresh thyme garnish behind salmon.
• Place grilled 1/2 lemon toward front of salmon as garnish

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