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Lobster & Butternut Squash Bisque Serrano Ham, Chestnut Puree, Brown Butter Vinaigrette

Ingredients for Squash Puree

1 Roasted Butternut Squash, with thyme and butter
1/4 cup Olive Oil
2 tbsp Sugar
1 tbsp Rice Vinegar
2 tbsp Crushed Ice

Method for Squash Puree

• Clean Butternut Squash and puree with other ingredients until smooth and silky.

Ingredients for Lobster Bisque

10 Lobster Heads, cleaned and chopped
1/2 cup Olive Oil
2 Onions, chopped
3 Carrots, chopped
4 ribs Celery, chopped
1 head Fennel, chopped
2 Apples, chopped
2 sprigs Thyme
1 cup Tomato Paste
Water, enough to cover
2 qts Heavy Cream

Method for Lobster Bisque

• In a large pot, heat the oil and brown the lobster heads.
• Add the vegetables and caramelize, add the herbs and tomato paste and cook for 10 minutes.
• Add just enough water to cover, simmer for 2 hours or until the liquid is reduced by half.
• Add the cream and continue to simmer for 45 minutes, strain and chill.
• Combine 3 parts squash puree, 1 part lobster bisque, heat the soup, add butter and season.

Ingredients for Vegetables

3 Celery Root Sheets, sliced very thin and blanched in salted water
1/2 cup Butternut Squash, brunoise
1/2 cup Prosciutto, brunoise
1/2 cup Celery Root, brunoise
2 tbsp Chives, chopped
1 tbsp Butter
2 oz Lobster, poached
1 cup Savoy Cabbage, shredded
1 cup Caramelized Onions
1 splash Lime Juice
Salt & Pepper to taste

Method for Vegetables

• In a small sauce pot, heat the butter, add the prosciutto, cabbage, squash, celery root, and caramelized onions, heat for 3 minutes.
• Add the lobster meat, season with salt and pepper and a splash of lime, keep warm.

Ingredients for Chestnut Puree

2 cups Chestnuts, clean
Water to cover
2 tbsp Sugar
1 Star Anise, whole

Method for Chestnut Puree

• Cook the chestnuts with the sugar and star anise.
• Puree until smooth using the same liquid.

Ingredients for Brown Butter Vinaigrette

1/2 lb Butter,
2 tbsp Aged Balsamic Vinegar
Salt & Pepper to taste

Method for Brown Butter Vinaigrette

• Cook butter until it begins to brown and smell like toasted hazelnuts.
• Combine the butter and balsamic after the butter has been cooled down a bit to avoid overflowing

Ingredients for Assembly.Method for Assembly

1 tbsp Pepitas, toasted and seasoned with Salt and Pepper
fried Celery Root to garnish
• To build the napoleon, place some of the lobster mixture on the plate, place a celery root sheet on top, add 1 tbsp of chestnut puree, add more lobster mixture, top with another celery root sheet, continue to do the same step until 3 layers are completed.
• Pour some of the soup around, sprinkle the pepitas, drizzle the brown butter and finish with fried celery root and micro greens.

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