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Toasted Goat Cheese Salad

4 Servings


11 oz goat cheese
1/4 C pine nuts
1/4 C golden raisins
6 sprigs basil, minced
6 sprigs mint, minced
2 small shallots, minced
1/4 C red wine vinegar
1 C extra-virgin olive oil
1/4 C sugar
1 lb arugula
4 Roma tomatoes
salt and pepper


  • Crumble goat cheese on toaster oven safe platter. Broil goat cheese until browned, approximately 3 minutes.Set aside at room temperature.
  • Combine herbs, shallots, vinegar, sugar, black pepper and whisk until fully combined. Set aside for ten minutes or prepare ahead of time. Whisk again before dressing salad as separation may occur.
  • Toast pine nuts in sauté pan with butter on low heat stirring frequently until golden brown. Drain and cool to room temperature.
  • Slice tomatoes and fan out on a plate. Combine arugula, goat cheese, pine nuts, golden raisins salt and pepper, to taste, and dressing. Lay out salads on cold plates and serve.

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