Charlotte Seafood Recipe List

Hickory Tavern (Providence)

11504 Providence Road, Ste.N , Charlotte (Providence), NC 28277

Oregon Cedar Salmon


8 oz Salmon Filet,
John Henry’s Pecan Rub (available at upscale BBQ stores)
Oregon Cedar Plank (also available at upscale BBQ stores)

To Plate

Serve Salmon on top of Cedar plank.

Method for Oregon Cedar Salmon

• Soak Oregon Cedar Plank in water for approximately 20 minutes prior to use.
• Apply Pecan Rub on each side of salmon filet to taste.
• Place Salmon filet on soaked Cedar plank and place on char grill at med-high.
• Close the dome over the grill to hold in the smoke.
• Turn salmon to cook evenly.
• If the Cedar plank edge catches on fire, extinguish with water. However, board should smolder.

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