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Grilled Medallions of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Portobello Mushroom & Pinot Noir Reduction

Ingredients for Pinot Noir Reduction

2 each Shallots, peeled & sliced
2 cup Mushroom stems, chopped
2 tbsp Butter
1/2 cup Pinot Noir
1/4 cup Red Wine Vinegar
1 cup Demi-glace
1 sprig fresh Thyme
1 cup Portobello Mushroom, diced & roasted

Ingredients for Tuna

2 oz Swiss Chard, cleaned & chopped
2-3 oz Medallions of Tuna
2-1 oz slices of Foie Gras

Ingredients for Potatoes

1 lb Yukon Gold Potatoes, peeled
2 each Shallots, peeled
Salt & Pepper
4 oz Clarified Butter


• To prepare the red wine sauce, sweat the shallots and mushrooms trimmings in the butter. Pour in the pinot noir and the vinegar and reduce by 1/3 rd. Add the demi glace and the thyme. Reduce by half and then strain. Keep warm.
• For the potato cake, peel and shred the potatoes and the shallots together, Season with salt and pepper. Heat the clarified butter in a 6-inch sauté pan, mound the potato mixture in the hot pan and press and shape the cake. Press done with the back of a spatula, pulling in the sides and forming into a tight cake. Brown the cake on both sides and place in a preheated 400 degree F. oven for 45 minutes or until the cake sounds hollow when tapped. Remove and allow the cake to cool completely before cutting into six even wedges.
• To finish the dish, warm the Portobello mushroom in the pinot noir sauce and keep warm. Reheat the cakes in the oven and keep warm. Sauté the Swiss chard in butter and season with salt and pepper and keep warm.
• Lightly brush the tuna medallions with a little olive oil and grill for 1 minute per side and remove, keep tuna warm. In a sauté pan add a little olive oil and allow smoking slightly, then searing the foie gras slices for 30 seconds per side and removing from the pan. Place two wedges of cake on the plate, top with Swiss chard and medallion of tuna and foie gras,repeat and pour warm sauce over.

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