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Mongolian New York Steak

2 Servings


1 bun green onion, cut to 3” long
14 oz New York steak, cut in thin slices
4 oz bottom mushroom
6 whole dry chile
4 garlic cloves, minced
2 oz dry rice noodle
2 t hoisin sauce
3 t soy sauce
1 t sambal (garlic chile paste)
1 t shaohing (rice cooking wine)
4 t canola oil


  • Heat oil in pan or wok. Add garlic, dry chile, sambal, green onion, bottom mushroom and stir.
  • Add New York steak slices and cook until medium rare.
  • Add soy sauce, hoisin, shaohing. Stir fry until reduced - almost dry.
  • Deep fry rice noodles until crispy.

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