Bacon Smashburger


Serves 8

Ingredients for Bacon Smashburger

8 ea strips thick cut Berkshire Bacon
¼ cup Cajun Seasoning
½ cup Brown Sugar
1 clove Garlic, chopped
1 sprig fresh Thyme, chopped
1 tbsp crushed Red Pepper
8 ea 5oz Patties, Niman Ranch course grind sirloin
8 ea Brioche ‘Slider’ Buns
4 oz Carr Valley Sheep Feta
5 ea Organic Eggs, removed from shell
2 oz Bacon Fat
2 oz Salted Butter
4 oz Marinated Castelveltrano Olives
8 slice Triple Cream Brie, optional
Salt & Pepper, to taste

Method for Bacon Smashburgers

• Combine Cajun seasoning, brown sugar, garlic, thyme, red pepper, salt and pepper. Place bacon strips on roasting rack and cover generously with seasoning mixture. Reserve a little mixture to season burgers. Cook bacon in preheated 400 oven until crisped and lacquered (about 14 minutes). Set aside to rest.
• Preheat cast iron skillet to medium high heat. Season burger patties with bacon mixture and cook in skillet, smashing down the beef like a pancake. This will allow quick and even cooking and get a consistent ‘sear’ on the burgers. Cook burgers in small batches to keep the skillet hot!
• Once burgers are cooked, brown buns in remaining fat. Then, wipe skillet with paper towel, return to heat, add bacon fat and butter.
• Whisk cold eggs briskly to add air. Season with salt and pepper. Then add to skillet once bacon and butter are hot. Move eggs around gently with spatula until scrambled eggs are desired consistency.
• To assemble, simply lay out bun bottoms, spoon scrambled eggs evenly on each. Sprinkle with Castelveltrano olives cut in half and crumbled Carr Valley sheep feta. Top the eggs with burger patties, then some soft triple cream brie if preferred, then you add the bacon cut in halves. Place tops and enjoy!

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