Braised Short Ribs


Serves 2

Ingredients for Braised Short Ribs

4 pcs Short Ribs (10 oz with bone or 8 oz boneless)
2 Carrots
2 mediumYellow Onions
2 ribs Celery
8 Garlic Cloves, peeled
5 sprigs fresh Thyme
1 bunch Parsley
2 Bay Leaves
¼ cup Tomato Paste
1 quart Chicken Broth
2 cups Red Wine
Salt & pepper
2 tbsp Olive Oil
8 oz Mushrooms, sliced

Method for Braised Short Ribs

• Season ribs liberally with salt and pepper.
• Heat oil in large sautee pan over high heat. Sear ribs on all sides until dark brown (3-4 mins per side).
• Remove ribs, deglaze with red wine, reduce by half, add chicken stock and all remaining ingredients except mushrooms and simmer 5 minutes.
• Place ribs in medium pyrex or braising pan, add deglazing liquid.
• Cover tightly with foil and cook at 300° for 3 hours. • Remove ribs and set aside.
• Strain braising liquid. Reduce liquid with mushrooms for 30 minutes at a simmer and adjust thickness with slurry if needed.
• Add ribs to thickened liquid to reheat.

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