Crispy Skin Texas Redfish Au Poive



1 ea. 6-7 oz. redfish fillet scored and crusted with
cracked black pepper skin side
3 oz. parsnip puree
1½ oz. pea tendrils, sauteed quickly
1 oz. lemon cognac sauce


1. Sear fish skin side down until skin is crispy, turn over and finish in oven. Place parsnip puree in middle of plate and place fish on top. Quickly saute pea tendrils with minced garlic and shallots and place on top of fish skin side up. Drizzle sauce and lemon oil around fish. Garnish with cracked black pepper.
2. For the parsnip puree, steam peeled parsnips until soft and puree with warm cream and butter until mashed potato consistency. Season withsalt and white pepper.
For the cognac sauce, in hot pan flambe 1c. Cognac until alcohol has burned off and add 1 qt. Cream. Over low heat reduce until sauce like consistency, add juice of two lemons and season with salt and white pepper

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