Yields 6 to 8 person


8oz. Pork shoulder (loin or tenderloin is ok)
8 oz. Chicken parts, (bone in)
6 oz. Sausage (Spanish or use your choice)
6 oz. Shrimp (shell out or in )
6 oz. Calamari steak or tubes
6 oz. Crawfish tail meat
6 oz. Scallops (bay or sea)
6 oz. Fish (diced, or use your trimmings)
6 oz. Crawfish whole
6 oz. Black mussels
6 oz. Green new Zeeland mussels
6 oz. Peppers tricolor 1” diced
6 oz. Yellow onion 1” diced
6 oz. Garlic chopped
6 oz. Green peas (frozen)
6 oz. Tomatoes red diced
24 oz. Long grain rice
1.5 qt. Chicken stock (simmer with saffron)
1 pinch saffron
1 cup olive oil
½ cup salad oil


In a paella pan (shallow & large) heat the oils, sweat the onions and garlic, add the pork, chicken and sausage, once the meats are golden brown, add the rice, integrate with the meats, add the saffron-chicken broth and mix all in the pan. With symmetry and artistic fashion array all seafood and vegetables in the pan, season with salt and pepper, cover and simmer over low flame for about 20 minutes

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