Simple Chocolates


Ingredients for Ganache (For the batch)

1 qt Heavy Cream
1 lb Butter
1 lb Sweet Chocolate
1 lb Bitter Chocolate

Method for Ganache

  • Heat cream in a stainless steel pot, do not boil. Crack chocolates into chunky pieces no more than an ounce or two each. Cut butter into quarters. Add butter and chocolates to hot cream and stir continuously with a wire whisk until thoroughly mixed with no lumps. Texture should be that of a smooth chocolate sauce.
  • Remove from pot into a food storage container and let stand for 30 minutes.
  • Place in refrigerator to harden for several hours.
  • Ganache is a very versatile chocolate which can be used to make truffles in a cold form or can be warmed to coat chocolate cakes and petite fours or add favorite liqueur for fondue.
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