Serves 12


1 boneless lamb leg, netted, 6-8 pounds
4 oz. olive oil
12 garlic cloves, peeled & sliced in small slivers
4 tablespoons rosemary leaves, stemmed & chopped, split in half
2 tablespoons cracked black pepper
3 tablespoons kosher salt
4 oz. whole butter, melted


1. Using a paring knife, make several small incisions in the lamb leg without cutting the netting.
2. In each incision push a piece of sliver garlic inside the lamb leg.
3. Rub lamb leg completely with olive oil.
4. Season with cracked black pepper and kosher salt.
5. Place lamb leg in roasting pan on roasting rack.
6. Roast in a 375 degree oven until internal temperature reaches 120 degrees. Which will ultimately be rare to medium rare after the carry over cooking time. (Add 10 degrees of cooking time for every level of doneness)
7. Add retained chopped rosemary to melted butter. Baste lamb leg every 30 minutes through the cooking process.
8. Let lamb leg rest 10-12 minutes, remove string netting.
9. Carve and serve. Note: This product is best served medium to medium rare.

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