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El Famoso

From the streets of Mexico City, Tijuana, and Monterrey - authentic cuisine made its way north of the border. Relocating to the streets of Art Deco Los Angeles, Mexican diners found their place and Americans got a new taste. We have replicated that same diner feel, food, and social color at El Famoso. Our guests are transported to a time and place through the food offering, decor, and festive atmosphere that is being rediscovered in Dallas.


Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano

At Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano, our purpose is to familiarize you with Authentic Mexico City Cuisine…that being a fine mixture of long Mexican Heritage which dates back to the Aztecs and a strong European influence from the days of Cortés to Maximilian. At Javier’s, we have chosen to stay away from the more familiar Tex-Mex concept and concentrate our efforts on what we feel is a more realistic image of what Mexico City dining is about. We welcome your patronage and hope that our efforts make your visit an enjoyable one.