Bread & Butter Pickles


Yeilds 2 Pounds

Ingredients for Bread & Butter Pickles

2 lbs Cucumbers, sliced
4 small Onions, sliced
¼ cup Kosher Salt
2½ cups Sugar
2 cups White Vinegar
1 tbsp Mustard Seed
1 tsp Celery Seed
3/4 tsp ground Turmeric
¼ tsp ground Cloves
1 tsp Calcium Chloride

Method for Bread & Butter Pickles

• In a large container, combine the cucumbers, onions and salt. Cover with crushed ice and mix well. Let stand for 3 hours. Drain; rinse and drain again.
• In a nonreactive pot, combine the sugar, vinegar and seasonings; bring to a boil. Cram cucumbers in large mouth mason jars; return to a boil for 2 minutes Remove from the heat. Add calcium chloride.
• Carefully pour hot mixture into a jars, leaving ½-in. headspace. Remove air bubbles, wipe rims and adjust lids

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