Yields: 4-6 portions

A Texas de Brazil specialty! Picanha is a cut of beef, the top part of the top sirloin sometimes called cullote or top sirloin fat cap. You can order this cut at your local butcher. Each piece weighs about 3 to 4 pounds. Ask your butcher to trim the bottom and leave the fat from the top of the cut.


  • Slice sirloin into 1-inch thick steaks.
  • Using a blender; mix 1 cup of fresh garlic and 2 cups of vegetable oil, pulse it few times.
  • Prepare your grill with charcoal, heat on high heat until coals are glowing.
  • Using kosher salt, cover the meat generously.
  • Brush the mixture of garlic and oil on the meat and place it on the grill for 3 minutes on each side or until prepared to the temperature you prefer your steaks.
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