Light Portobello Mushroom Soup With Fresh Rosemary And A Smithfield Country Ham Flan


8 Servings

Ingredients For Soup

1 1/2 lbs Portobello Mushrooms
1/2 lb Button Mushrooms
1/4/ C Olive Oil
2 C Roughly Chopped Onions
1 C Roughly Chopped Celery
2 t Minced Garlic
1 C Roughly Chopped Peeled Carrots
4 C Chicken Stock
3/4 C Tawny Port (you substitute a fruity Zinfandel)
1/2 t Chopped Fresh Rosemary
1 C Heavy Whipping Cream
3/4 t Kosher Salt
1/2 t Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Ingredients For Flan

1 C Heavy Whipping Cream
1 Egg
2 Egg Yolks
1/3 C Ground Smithfield Ham, finely chopped by hand or in a food processor
1 T Finely Chopped Fresh Parsley
Dash Kosher Salt
1/8 t Freshly Ground Black pepper
8-1 oz Molds, sprayed with non-stick baking spray.

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