Truffle Popcorn Scallops


Serves 1


• 4 each U10 Scallops
• 2 oz Truffle Popcorn Crust
• 1 Egg Yolk
• 4 oz Sweet Potato Peanut Puree
• 1 oz Galliano Sauce
• ½ oz Ring Cut Shallots, flour dusted & fried
• ¼ oz Micro Greens


• Dip top side of scallops into flour and then into egg yolk, then press into crust until crust sticks to top of scallops.
• Heat sautee pan. Add scallops to pan crust side down as quickly as possible to ensure even cooking.
• When egg yolk cooks though and the crust is secure to scallop, flip scallops over.
• Be careful not to burn crust.
• Place all items on plate according to plating requirements.

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