Cast Iron Blackened Salmon


Serves 4

Ingredients for Cast Iron Blackened Salmon

4 8 oz Salmon Filets, skin and pin bones removed
6 oz of Blackening Spice
8 oz Sour Cream
1 bunch fresh Dill
3 oz Midori Liquor
2 Cucumbers, seeded & 1/2 inch cuts
1 Lemon
Kosher Salt & White Pepper, to taste
1 oz Canola Oil

Method for Cast Iron Blackened Salmon

• Season filets with lemon juice and salt and pepper.
• Rub generously with blackening spice on both sides of the filets.
• Add oil to HOT cast iron skillet. Add filets 2 at a time. Cook filets for two-three minutes on both sides or to just when the salmon begins to flake. Make sure not to over cook.
• As filets are cooking, fold in cucumbers, fresh chopped dill, and midori into the sour cream. Allow to chill until served.

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