Plantation Rice Bread


Yields 37 Rolls

Ingredients for Plantation Rice Bread

1 lb + 8 oz Bread Flour
10 oz Rice Flour
¾ oz Yeast
¾ oz Salt
13 ½ oz Water
4 oz Buttermilk
1 ½ oz Shortening
4 oz Butter
4 oz Sugar
4 oz Starter

Method of Plantation Rice Bread

Pick-up stage (speed 1)
• Place both flours, yeast, salt, and sugar in a mixing bowl and mix on speed 1.
• Add ½ of the water, buttermilk, and starter for approximately 30 seconds.
• Add all but 1 cup of the remaining water. Mix for another 30 seconds.
• Add the butter and shortening. Mix in.
• Check the moisture of the dough and add the remaining water if necessary.
Clean up stage (speed 2)
• Mix the dough on speed 2 for approximately 1 minute or until the bowl is clean.
Development stage (speed 3 and speed 2)
• Mix the dough on speed 3 for approximately 3 minutes. Then for approximately 3 more minutes on speed 2.
• At this point do a window stretch test to ensure the gluten is fully developed.
• Mix longer if necessary.
Bulk Proofing
• Round off the dough.
• Mist and cover with pan sprayed plastic and allow to proof on table to 2 times its original size.
Punch Down
• Fold dough over itself while pushing down until all of the air has been expelled from the dough.
• While keeping the extra dough misted and covered to prevent a skin from forming, portion the dough into 1.½-1 ¾ oz rolls.
• On pan sprayed lined pans, place the rolls far enough apart that they will not touch when doubled.
• Mist the rolls.
• Place plastic wrap over top to ensure a skin will not form.
• Finished pans of rolls should be placed immediately in a cooler for 24 hours of slow proofing.
Proofing (Part 1)
• 24 hours later, remove the rolls to a speed rack.
• Leave covered and allow to come to room temperature for 45 minutes-1 hour.
• Then place in a proofer with humidity set at 6 and the temperature at 2 (91º-95ºF) until the rolls are ⅔ of the way proofed.
Dusting and Scoring
• Remove the pans one at a time.
• Put some rice flour into a small sifter.
• Mist the rolls with water to make them sticky.
• Dust the rolls evenly with a noticeable amount of the rice flour.
• Score each roll once down the middle, about ¼” deep, but no more.
Proofing (Part 2)
• Place each completed pan immediately back into the proofer for the last ¼ of the proof, until doubled in size. This also allows the score to open up fully.
• Once fully proofed, place the rolls in a 350º oven with a high fan.
• Bake approximately 6 minutes until front sides are brown.
• Spin the pans and bake an additional 4-6 minutes until evenly dark brown, but not burnt.

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