Honey Lacquered Bacon


Serves 12 (4 oz. each)

Ingredients for Honey Lacquered Bacon

10-13 lbs untrimmed Pork Belly
Coarse Salt, as needed
freshly Ground Black Pepper, as needed
8 oz (1-1/2 cups) Carrots, sliced
8 oz (1-1/2 cups) Onion, quartered and sliced
6 oz (1-1/2 cups) Celery, sliced
4 qts Chicken Stock, divided
2 Bouquet Garni
2 cups Honey
½ cup Sherry Vinegar
⅓ cup Veal Stock base

Method for Honey Lacquered Bacon

• Trim the skin and fat off of the pork belly. Rub with salt and freshly ground pepper.
• Scatter the vegetables in a roasting pan large enough to hold the pork belly flat.
• Pour water into the pan to reach a depth of ¼ inch.
• Roast the pork belly, uncovered, fat side up, at 550º until the top begins to brown, about 20 minutes.
• Reduce the temperature to 350º.
• Pour 2 quarts of chicken stock into the pan, and then add the bouquet garni.
• Keep the liquid at a simmer during braising.
• Pork belly is done when easily pierced with a fork, about 1-½ hours.
• Remove from oven. Let cool in cooking liquid. Then discard liquid.
• Cut the pork belly in half lengthwise. Cut it into 4 oz pieces. The thickness of the meat of the whole belly varies; so size of pieces will vary.
• While the pork belly is braising, prepare the glaze.
• Mix the remaining 2 quarts chicken stock, honey, vinegar, and veal base. Bring to a boil then reduce to a brisk simmer.
• Cook until syrupy, about 1 hour.

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