Hay Smoked Duck Breast Fresh Figs & Chantrells, White Polenta, Sherry Jus


Serves 4


Ingredients for Hay Smoked Duck Breast
4 16 oz each, Maple Leaf Duck Breast
1/2 cup Alfalfa Hay
1 tbsp cold Unsalted Butter

Ingredients for Duck Stock
6 1/2 lb Duck Wing, chopped
1 lb Vidalia Onion, peeled, stemmed, & quartered
1/2 lb Carrots, peeled & stemmed
2 tbsp Tomato Paste
5 sprigs Thyme
2 fresh Bay Leaves
4 gallon Water

Ingredients for Fresh Figs & Chantrells
1 cup fresh, cleaned Girolles
2/3 cup fresh, quartered Turkey Figs
7 tbsp cold, Unsalted Butter
2 tsp fresh, minced Parsley
2 tsp fresh minced Shallots

Ingredients for White Polenta
2/3 cup Anson Mills White Polenta
2 cup Half & Half Cream
2/3 cup cold Unsalted Butter
Salt & White Pepper

Ingredients for Sherry Jus
1 liter Sherry Vinegar
1.5 liter Cream Sherry
1 cup sliced Vidalia Onions
1 1/2 tbsp sliced Garlic
4 qt Duck Stock
1/3 cup Duck Fat, cold (could substitute butter)
4 sprigs Sage
3/4 cup Orange Blossom Honey
2 tbsp Butter

Method for Duck

• Lay duck breast on a clean, cooled cutting board and clean off any silver skin from breast.
• Meanwhile, in a stainless steel smoker, place hay in bottom and slowly start to heat up.
• Lay duck breast fat side down on smoker sheet and when hay starts to smoke, place over and smoke on the heat for 60 seconds.
• Then turn off heat for 90 seconds.
• Remove duck and place in a cooler.

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