Bananas Foster


Serves 6

Ingredients for Bananas Foster

3-4 ounces Butter
6 Tbsp Sugar
6 each Banana’s cut 1/2 width
4 Ounces Dark Rum
3/4 tsp Cinnamon
4 Ounces Banana Liqueur
1/2 each Juicy Lemon
6 4-ounce scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream for each serving

Method for Bananas Foster

• Add Butter and Sugar to sauté pan (medium heat). Stir to a light caramel. So as to not scratch the pan when stirring, stick a lemon half on the end of the fork. This will also add a lemony flavor.
• Turn heat up and sauté sliced bananas on both sides. This step should only take a few minutes. Do not over-cook!
• Remove pan from heat source and pour dark rum into pan. Wait two seconds. Pan should be hot. Return to heat source and ignite.
• Add cinnamon and follow the previous steps with banana liqueur and juice from one-half fresh lemon.
• Remove seeds and reduce to a light caramel. Ladle 4 slices of banana and sauce over ice cream and serve immediately.

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