Pan-seared Sea Bass


Serves 1

Ingredients Pan-seared for Sea Bass

7oz. Chilean sea bass
4oz. Butternut squash, small dice
2oz. Applewood smoked bacon lardons
5 Stems of watercress
6 ea. Candied pecans
4oz. heavy cream
1oz. Mirin rice wine
1oz. White wine
1tsp. Shallots, minced
1/4 piece vanilla bean, split
4oz. Whole butter
1oz. Chives, fine cut
6oz. Olive oil
1oz. Fresh lemon juice
Pinch allspice
Salt and pepper to taste

Method for Pan-seared Sea Bass

• Season bass with salt and pepper on both sides evenly.
Sear in pan until golden brown on each side, place 1oz. of whole butter on top, place in oven until internal temperature of 140 degrees.
• Vanilla bean butter sauce — In a small sauce pot, sauté shallots, add mirin rice wine and white wine. Reduce by one-half, add heavy cream and vanilla bean and bring to a simmer. Whip in butter until desired thickness, add salt and pepper to taste. Pass sauce through a chinoise, reserve for fish.
• Butternut squash hash — Render bacon lardons in a medium saute pan, add butternut squash. Cook squash al dente, season with allspice, salt and pepper, finish with butter and chives.
• In a small mixing bowl, place watercress and candied pecans. Dress with fresh lemon juice and drop of oil just to coat, season with a pinch of salt.

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