Smoking Aromas


Ingredients for Smoking Aromas

2 lbs Black Codfish Filet, skin on
1 cup Kosher Salt
1 cup Muscovado Sugar
3 tbsp Smoking Aroma Spice
1 bulb Fennel, grated
1 stalk Lemon Grass, grated
2 inches Ginger, grated
1/2 cup good quality Tequila

Method for Smoking Aromas

• Clean and trim the fish section.
• Combine all your sugar, salt, spices and aromatics.
• Completely encase your fish with the spice/salt mixture to cure.
• Pour the tequila over the salt evenly.
• Refrigerate for 12-18 hours.
• Rinse under cold running water for 20 minutes.
• Allow to dry uncovered in the cooler for 2-3 hours.
• Cold smoke with a mixture of 1/2 cherry wood, 1/2 pistachio or almond wood and 1 cup smoking aroma spice all of which has been soaked in water for 2 hours.
• Smoke for 3 hours always keeping your heating element covered in ice to prevent any heat development.
• Remove from the smoker and allow to sit overnight in the cooler.
• Cover your smoked fish filet in oil for 2 hours.
• Remove from oil and reserve tightly wrapped in plastic in the cooler.
• Serve with a salad of edamame beans, pickled ginger and vinaigrette made with your favorite beer, using the beer in place of the vinegar.

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