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Baby Back Ribs

Makes 2 Racks

Ingredients for Baby Back Ribs

Austin’s Rib Rub
2 racks 2.25 Lbs. Pork Baby Back Ribs
Austin’s BBQ Sauce
Preferred wood chips soaked overnight
Note: The Rib Rub and BBQ Sauce Recipes will give you enough product for several applications. Enjoy! (These can be found under sauces)

Method for Baby Back Ribs

• Coat the ribs thoroughly on all sides with the rib rub.
• Shake off excess spice mixture and let ribs stand overnight in your refrigerator.
• At the restaurant; we smoke our ribs for approximately eight hours over hickory in our smoker. Then, we finish them over our wood burning grill to give them that nice BBQ bark. To finish, we baste them with our BBQ sauce just before serving. To recreate this at home, you will need to use your outdoor grill. Charcoal is prefened, but gas grills can still give you decent results. It’s important to conduct the entire cooking process over indirect heat. That is to say, whatever side of your grill that you choose to have your heat source active on; you will place your meat on the opposite side. This being said, the procedure following will be for a charcoal grill.
• You will need to build several charcoal fires to accommodate the cooking time of your ribs.
• You will need a charcoal chimney starter for this so you can build a fire while your current fire is on it’s way out.
• Start your charcoal in the chimney starter according to package instructions. Your coal is ready to use once it is glowing and no longer on fire.
• Once coal is ready, arrange on one side of your grill.
• Top with soaked wood chips.
• Lay your ribs meat side up, on the opposite side of the grill. Cover grill and close your top vents. • You will need to build three to four fires: but can get away with two. It’s all about the time on this one and I like to go for four fires so make sure you have time on your side for this activity.
• As your current fire is dying: start another in your chimney starter. The only time you should be lifting your grill cover is to a) add charcoal to stoke the fire, b) flip your ribs (which can be done each time you add charcoal), and c) when they are finished.
• Heat maintenance (which your mantra should be low and slow here) and time are your main factors in good BBQ.
• After your ribs have gone through this initial cooking process they’re ready to eat. (Or, sauce and eat.) However, you can take them off the grill, while you build a slightly stronger fire over which to give them a slight (or, not so slight, char). Then, sauce and eat. This is a fairly all day affair so keep that in mind when you choose to treat yourself with some fantastic ribs!

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