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Fried Gator

Fried Gator

Ingredients Fried Gator

• Gator Tail Meat
• Flour
• Salt and Pepper to taste
• Gator Marinade (see below)

Ingredients Gator Marinade

• Liquid Eggs
• Milk
• Draft Beer
• Granulated Garlic
• Granulated Onion
• Salt and Pepper to Taste

Silas Steakhouse and Seafood Grill has been serving Fried Gator to local guests and tourists for over 36 years! We only serve the freshest white tail meat of the gator and prepare so it is tender and tasty.

Method for Fried Gator

• Cut gator tail meat in Julienne style strips
• Marinade cut gator tail meat strips in the ''''Gator Marinade'''' for a minimum of six hours.
• One marinated, toss gator tail meat strips in flour with salt and pepper.
• Fry coated gator tail meat strips until fried crispy.
• Like our restaurant, serve with Spicy Cattlemen''''s yellow BBQ sauce for a delicious combination!

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