Pan Seared Hogfish


Pan Seared Hogfish Ingredients:

7 oz hogfish
1 oz olive oil
2 oz shrimp, chopped
4 oz potato hash
2 oz corn veloute
3 ea tri-color cauliflower florets
tt salt
tt pepper
1 tbl salsa verde

Pan Seared Hogfish Method:

• Season the fish and sear, finish in the oven with salsa verde. Reheat the hash with bacon, corn, shrimp and potatoes.
• Roast the cauliflower and plate as shown.

• Contains: Seafood, Shellfish, Gluten (sauce), Dairy
• Hogfish is a member of the wrasse family of fish and has a similar taste and texture profile to snapper. Veloute is a thickened chicken stock. Hash is typically a sauteed mixture of potato and bacon, this one includes shrimp and corn.

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