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Owners Guido and Gino Tiozzo, welcome you to Donatello, a four star restaurant serving Authentic Italian Cuisine since 1984. With its stucco arches, tapestries, gold leaf ceiling tiles and Bouquets of roses on every table, Donatello offers an atmosphere of elegance, warmth and romance. You’ll be catered to, from the first sip of wine to the exquisite culinary creations. Donatello’s motto is “quality and tradition”, you will see for yourself that hospitality in Italy has ancient roots.



Hidden among a natural landscape, the new Oystercatchers draws those who seek tastes from the Gulf of Mexico. Stunning bay views and decor designed to complement the inherent beauty make this celebrated Tampa seafood restaurant a delight for the eyes as well as the palate. Indulge in the flavorful creations of Chef de Cuisine Kenny Hunsberger, who artfully blends the freshest catch with innovative touches, as only one born to the water can do.