TERRINA DI POLIPO CON TARTUFO Octopus Carpaccio with Arugula and Orange salad in Truffle Vinaigrette


8 servings


1 terrine or mold large enough to fit the octopuses
3 large octopuses
1 stalk of celery
2 carrots
2 onions
5 bay leaves
2 shallots
2 oranges
1 bag baby arugula
1/2 C red wine vinegar
1 C extra-virgin olive oil
to taste salt and pepper
black truffle for shaving (white truffle
may be used when in season)


  • With a paring knife, remove the skin from the two oranges and cut the oranges in wedges; set aside.
  • Cut the shallot in small strips, place in bowl and mix with the arugula.
  • Prepare the dressing by combining the vinegar with the salt and pepper.
  • Add the oil a little at a time, whisking vigorously until emulsified.
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