Hunan Short Ribs


Serves 4


5 lbs. Boneless beef short ribs
Salt, to taste
Fresh ground pepper, to taste
6 oz jar Hoisin sauce
6 oz jar Plum sauce
2 - 3 qts. Beef stock
5 oz. Fresh ginger, peeled and chopped
1 lb. Carrots, rough chop
1 bunch Celery, rough chop
2 lbs. Onions, rough chop
3 cups Red wine vinegar
1/2 cup Fresh garlic cloves
1 oz. Fresh thyme


• Trim and portion short ribs into 6-8oz. portions and season with salt and pepper. Pan sear until a dark crust is formed on both sides.
• Place beef in a deep sided baking dish. Add remaining ingredients to the baking dish. Make sure the beef is covered by the braising liquid.
• Cover tightly and bake a 350°F for about 5 hrs.
• Strain liquid, skim grease and reserve for service.

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