Pork Shank


Yields: 2 servings


2 medium Pork shanks
1 Carrot
3 Cloves Garlic
1 Red onion
2 cups Veal stock or pork stock
Annato paste (achiote)
1 cup Sour orange juice
4 Corn tortillas
2 oz. Cotija cheese
2 sprigs Thyme
Salt and pepper
1 Lime
4 Habanero peppers, 
2 for braising and 2 for salsa
Banana leaves


• Season with enough salt and pepper both pork shank and grill them off over a charcoal grill.
• When the pork shanks have enough coloration pull aside and cool, in order to rub them evenly with the annato paste.
•Cut carrots(peeled) onions in medium dice and smash a few cloves of garlic and add to a deep pot large enough to fit shanks and enough to cover with stock and about a cup of sour oj.
•Add thyme and peppers.
• Cover with banana leaves and tin foil and braise in a preheated oven at 275°F for 6hrs until meat is fork tender.

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