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Did you know the Apple® iTunes Store has over 40 billion app downloads, with nearly 20 billion in 2012 alone. You may have asked yourself, do I really need an app? And now remember back ten years, when you asked yourself the same question about needing a website… Stay ahead of the curve and let us do all the work designing and managing your app.

Our app made our life so easy. It has made
marketing so easy by reaching
all facets of social media.

Alison Ross - Organic Cafe

Custom App Features

Share Daily Specials & Features
Keep visitors informed with your restaurant's latest events and specials. Now you can link your Facebook page to your custom app to send Push Notifications.

Social Media
Allow users to share their experiences without ever leaving your App.

GPS Navigation
Turn by turn or step by step, the App can assist patrons in finding their way to your restaurant.

Reservation Capabilities
Guests are directed through your site, not only increasing traffic but avoiding costly "per cover" fees charged by online reservation services.

Detailed Restaurant Listing
Includes basic information, hours, amenities, detailed description & cuisine types.

Complete Menus & Wine Lists
Photo Gallery (with up to 16 images)
Links to Chef Recipes

4x the Outreach

All our iOS Apps are developed to fully run in native mode. This means we give you an app that is specifically developed to properly work on every mobile Apple device they make, giving your users the best experience possible.


iPhone 4

iPhone 4S

Our Apps allow you to get the most bang for your buck! Many developers promise an iPhone App and give you just that. Our Apps are developed to work on all iOS devices thus ensuring your App gets the most exposure possible.

Our Custom App

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New iPad

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Future Devices

Push Notification Alerts

Now you can easily manage your Specials & Events. And with the added feature of Push Notifications its never been easier to get the word out and the guests in.

3 - 2 - 1 Lift Off!
Easily send Push Notifications

We have developed a simple way for you to send out Push Notifications by using what you already have, Facebook. Now with your mobile device you will have the ability to send out instant notifications to every user, alerting them about your restaurant. So far, this form of Advertising is hands down the best form of marketing today. No other source of advertising can reach and inform like a notification. Launch Pad uses Patent Pending technology developed specifically for our apps.

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